We are a content creation company specialized in the people and culture connection for deeper brand stories.




We’re experts in the field of commercial advertising, design, music production and strategic communication. We are a mix breed of culture. We are breakers of glass-ceiling and well- intended differentiators. We are the outliers – the real people in and beyond the curve. Our team is continuously being fed by culture and making connection with people which manifest into our work. We don’t strive to control culture, we strive to unite with it.



We help with creative brand building to drive various business objectives.

Brand Planning

We love sharing our expertise with brands looking to make moves. Let us give you some direction.



We makes sure you look good and ready to be ‘out out‘.



We are hands on from start to finish. Literally, because we are the production team.


We service the facilitators of culture -

music, fashion, start-ups, tech-enthusiast & organizations dedicated to building stronger communities.

We build stories on human truths, on underserved and misrepresented markets. We break the through the mundane one-note communication that fails to connect with audiences.


We speak like people –

We work like humans



Seattle - Tacoma

Based in the Pacific Northwest - a hidden gem for people and culture.

CULDEFY AGENCY is a branding agency on a mission to fill the void of misrepresentation in the consumer marketing media. We disrupt and redirect the market through true stories of people of color, women, millenials and gen x-zers alike. We’re a batch. Creative minds that not only understand demographics from a consumer research prospective but relate and connect from everyday life experiences.


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